Karle Vario Homes Overview

Progressive Layouts at Vario Homes.
Our lifestyles are progressing. What we needed yesterday isn’t what we need today. Our interests, habits and hobbies change.

Karle Vario Homes Flexi-Wall

At the heart of the Progressive Layout is the Flexi-Wall. The
L-Shaped Flexi-Wall between the living room, guest room
and dining room can be easily opened and closed, creating
a personalised space unique to your needs.

Progressive Layouts at Vario Homes.

Our lifestyles are progressing. What we needed yesterday isn’t
what we need today. Our interests, habits and hobbies change.
Our families grow. Our work evolves. Our friend-circle waxes and
wanes. The progressive layouts at Vario homes try to keep pace with
your ever-changing needs. Allowing you to decide what your home
should be and when.

Vario Homes – The Free Spirit

She’s an explorer and a poet, capturing the world
through her lens and with her pen. She works on her
own time, from the comfort of home. An avid coffee
lover, friends love coming over to experiment with
her new blends. She espouses an organic lifestyle and
practices yoga & meditation. Her home is filled with
knick-knacks from her trips around the world.

Launch your start-up from the cosy confines of home.

Asanas, mindfulness & a little bit of solitude.

Karle Vario Homes – The Energizer Couple

A newly-married couple who share a love for good
food & wine and love having friends over. She paints
her visions; he spins artistry on authentic vinyl. They are
Ying and Yang with a passion for life. House parties or
cross-fit, it’s the balance in life they value the most.

More is better when cheering for your team on sports night.

Help your friends skip the late night drive home.

Karle Vario Homes – The Nuclear Couple

A well-settled family of three that love doing things
together. They do a lot as a family; take trips to exotic
places or the nearest reserves to look for tigers. They
help their kid with homework and play board games on
weekends. They arrange play dates and teach their kid
to share.

Make every night board game night.

Far, far away, there’s a magical
world, right next to the living room.

Karle Vario Homes – The Nester Couple

They’ve crossed the hills and everything else that stood in
their way. Morning walks together, and evenings pursuing
their interests, respecting each other’s space. Grandkids
and friends flow through the warmth of their home
without making plans. They make up for lost time with
their hobbies & interests. They know each other’s quirks,
their habits and how they take their tea.

Retirement is living it up.

The secret to your infectiou s energy is your “me-time”.

Karle Vario Homes – The Urban Forest

Think of a space, spread over an entire acre. A tree-filled
space forming a canopy, full of native flora & fauna and
much more within.
Watch from the top as the forest slopes gently downward,
dotted with features designed to delight. Scattered viewing
areas and gabion decks for an unhindered view, seating
areas under the shade and plenty more.

There are plenty of spaces for kids to play, from the spider
net to the rope bridge. A cycling track weaves down the
forest and through the trees. In the evenings, head to the
amphitheatre or relax by the infinity edge pool.

Karle Vario Homes – The Sky Lounge

Located on the 34th Floor, the Sky Lounge features a double-height ceiling to give residents a feeling of
being out in the open air. You’ll find friends having coffee, a band having a jam session or the residents
hosting a workshop. The astounding view of the city draws you back, encouraging interactions with your
neighbours over a warm & comfortable setting.

The Conservatory
A section of the Sky Lounge is dedicated to a conservatory
where residents can embrace their love for decorative
plants and flowers.
The Nature Farm Terrace
Located a flight of stairs up from the Sky Lounge is the
Nature Farm Terrace, dedicated to those who love fresh,
organic food.
It instils a sense of community participation and
collective ownership, strengthening the bonds between
residents. It is a fun way to learn new things, grow your
favourite vegetables, herbs and more.

Vario Homes Bangalore – Room for everything.

3 Acres and 6 Guntas
2 Towers
4 Basements
Ground + 34 Floors
400 Apartments
6 Apartments per Floor
2 & 3 BHK Apartments (1161.13 – 1662.71 sq.ft)

We take inspiration from those around us, as we are drawn to things greater than us. The
brainchild of collaborators and consultants from around the world, Karle Town Centre is
an open community spread across 62 acres. The masterplan is a mix of commercial, retail,
residential & community spaces that come together as one.

Views, hues and lakeside blue.

The 100-acre Nagavara Lake right on the doorstep adds
a new dimension to life at Karle Town Centre. Health &
entertainment take center stage, as you and your family
interact with the lake in a myriad of ways.
A sweeping, lake-facing boulevard runs around its
shores and various jogging tracks, outdoor decks
and Al-Fresco dining options dot its surroundings.

Enjoy the sunsets that gleam gold over the lake and the
fresh breeze that washes over every few seconds, cooling
the entire town centre.

Project Highlights

Karle Vario Homes

Project Location : Hebbal, North Bangalore
No. of Units : 400 Units
Developments Size : 3 Acres
Total No .0f Towers : 2 Towers
Total no.of Floors : 34 Floors
Units Varients : 2 and 3 BHK
Possession Date : On Request
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Karle Vario Homes Pricing

Karle Vario Homes

93 Lakhs* Onwards
  • 1161-1168 Sq.Ft.

Karle Vario Homes

1.35 Lakhs* Onwards
  • 1640-1655 Sq.Ft.

Karle Vario Homes Master Plan 


Karlo Vario Homes Floor Plan

Karlo Vario Homes Gallery

Karlo Vario Homes Location Map


Wall Structure: Individual Aluminium-Framed Panels
Ceiling-Mounted Track
Panel Thickness: 86mm
Sound Insulation: 42 dB
Infill Material: Rock Wool Insulation
Weight: 42kg/m2
Panel Numbers: Total of 5 Panels; 1 Sliding Door Panel
Sliding Panel: Fixed Panel Set on Rollers (can be used as door when wall is closed)
Locking Mechanism: Lock with a detachable operating handle. Top & bottom
seals are actuated via a mechanism within the panels.
Parallel Stacking on Two Sides
Finish: MDF (can be wallpapered, painted or laminated)
Track: Painted Aluminium
Panel Profile: Anodized Aluminium
Operation: Twin Rollers Gliding along the Track

Expression is unique to every individual and it helps
them grow when they are able to do so freely. Every
person at Karle Town Centre is able to find that freedom
to express through performance opportunities,
workshops, events, museums, art galleries, interactive
story telling and more

Entertainment is also unique to an individual, even
when shared. At Karle Town Centre you find those
experiences at movie theatres, concerts, over 50
restaurants, pubs, lounges, retail high streets and
edutainment spaces. Bengaluru has always been
diverse and the spaces here encourage that diversity,
while remaining inclusive.

Cultural Exchange
Interactive Storytelling | Performance Theatre
Entertainment & Dining
Marquee Dining Destinations | Al-Fresco Cafes |
Multiplex | Child-Centric Edutainment | Comedy Club

Art Galleries & Installations | Music Studios
Retail Therapy
Traditional Retailers | Pop-Up Retail
Experiential Retail

The urban design of Karle Town Centre’s masterplan
creates a lifestyle that encourages free thinking,
ideation and innovation. Interactive, responsive and

smart experiences support this philosophy, allowing
cross pollination between buildings through physical
and digital collaboration.

Smart Buildings | Embedded Technologies
Internet of Things | Digital Social Networks
Ease of Mobility


Peripheral Rainwater Harvest Garden
Garbage Waste Converter
Garbage Chutes on Every Floor
Zero Discharge – Wastewater generated on site will
be treated and reused for flushing and landscaping
Easy access to public transportation – upcoming
metro station and bus stops
Provision of battery charging stations in basement
Ample open and landscaped spaces are created to
promote bio-diversity

Apartments are designed to be naturally lit during the
day, reducing the amount of artificial lightning required
The entire building is a “no smoking zone”, ensuring
health and safety to all occupants
Adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used are low on
V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds)
The composite wood products used contain no
potentially harmful Urea Formaldehyde, reducing
organic emissions that maybe harmful to humans

Workshop Spaces | Music & Language Classes
Sports Facilities

Urban Gyms | Spas & Clinics | Fitness Centres

Vertical Gardens | Functional Green Spaces
Year-Long Outdoor Experiences

Smart Facades | Rainwater Harvesting
Efficient Water & Waste Management

Vidya Niketan School
Jain International School
Vidyashilp Academy
Mallya Aditi International School
Ryan International School
Delhi Public School
Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Stonehill International School
Trio World Academy

Lalit Ashok
Le Meridien
Taj West End
Windsor Manor
Gokulam Grand Hote

Columbia Asia
Baptist Hospital
Ramaiah Hospital
Aster CMI Hospital
Motherhood Hospital

Offices at Karle Town Centre
Manyata Embassy Business Park
Kirloskar Business Park

Residential Precinct Tucked Away from the Main Road
No Ground Floor Apartments
Limited Car Access on Podium
Towers Positioned to Protect Privacy
Lifts Set Facing Away From Main Apartment Doors

Karlo Vario Homes Amenities

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