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Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Overview

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

Back in the day, cities were about community. Neighbours used to know each other’s names.
Children would cycle. Beware the mango thief. But somewhere along the way, cities lost their soul. At Bhartiya City, those old days are back. The City of Joy, as we like to call it, is a place where the charms of a little town sit happily next to the best that modern life has to offer. It’s also a place more and more people are calling home. 

After the successful launch of Nikoo Homes, I’m happy to announce the launch of Nikoo Homes II, situated in the southern district of this wonderful city.
Whether you’re a family of two or more, there’s a beautifully designed home waiting for you.
In fact, when you move here, you move into a little community of your own. This is where
aunts on the fourth floor send home-made brownies to their nieces on the seventh. This is where these nieces walk to school every day. Where they climb up trees on their way back home. This is where kids and grandparents can learn to play the piano at the Learning Centre. And do it all within minutes from home.

Nikoo Homes II is also a place full of surprises and new ideas. On the 33rd floor, you’ll find
a Sky Park with a life of its own. It has shops, cafes and restaurants. It has jogging parks.
It also has a dedicated Sunrise and Sunset Point. Who wouldn’t mind spending an evening
watching the sun in the beautiful Bangalore breeze? I know I wouldn’t.
These aren’t just homes, they’re a new way of life. So if you’re interested in moving to a home that goes beyond just bricks and square units, do visit us at the Discovery Centre and see it for

Project Highlights

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

Project Location: Thanisandra, Bangalore
Area: 620 to 1768 Sqft
Type: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK homes with penthouses
Status: Up Coming
Possession:: 2019
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Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Pricing

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

Studio Pricing
30 Lacs* Onwards
  • 510 Sq ft.

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

1 BHK Pricing
34 Lacs* Onwards
  • 620 - 908 Sq ft.

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

2 BHK Pricing
64 Lacs* Onwards
  • 1164-1437 Sq ft.

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

3 BHK Pricing
75 75 Lacs* Onwards
  • 1685 - 1768Sq ft.

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes

4 BHK Pricing
1.12 Cr* Onwards
  • 2259-2553 Sq ft.

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Master Plan 


Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Floor Plan

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Gallery

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Location Map

Bhartiya City-nikohomes-Location-map

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Amenities

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Centres


The city centre Bengaluru has been waiting for is just a few blocks away from your Nikoo home. Bustling at the heart of Bhartiya City and inspired by the greatest cities in the world, the City Centre plays host to four hotels, boutiques stocked with items found in Milan and New York, a dedicated convention centre and a financial district. Your search for that perfect espresso or dress ends here at the largest shopping district in Bengaluru. Stroll through sprawling walkways and piazzas or get together with friends and family at the celebration square in what could well be the best city centre in the country


Pick a spot. The lush Central Park has seven acres of beautifully landscaped gardens made for Saturday picnics, Frisbee or midnight walks. And yes, it’s open 24 hours.


In the heart of the sprawling Central Park is a striking building that takes inspiration from a butterfly in flight. It is, in fact, the Centre for Performing Arts. A modern day performance pavillion, it will host some of the best actors, dancers and musicians from Bengaluru and abroad. The building itself indulges in a bit of theatrics as it is designed to shimmer spectacularly on moonlit nights. A stunning venue whichever way you look at it.


Bengaluru may be landlocked but at Bhartiya City an evening spent at a waterside promenade is part of everyday life. Situated in the southern district of Bhartiya City, the promenade runs along a purpose-built canal with lush landscaped gardens and even forest-like vegetation by its side. It’s nature at its very best and it’s in your very own neighbourhood.


You don’t stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing. We think the same can be said for learning. Which is why, the Learning Centre is open to everyone from 8 months to 80 years – so you can learn to play the piano, learn to make pickles and jams, or learn just about anything els


Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Districts 


This 125 acre-wide city could well be one of the best planned cities in the world. And it’s only minutes away
from your Nikoo home. Wander about. Who knows what you might find?


This is the district that houses your Nikoo Home. Designed for a wide spectrum of Indians, Nikoo Homes will contain apartments, studios, lofts, penthouses among nine other housing options for you to choose from. The ones living here will be privilege to all that a sprawling city can offer within the radius of a few minutes.


If you believe in retail therapy, here is where all the believers congregate. This is pure retail haven, home to The High Street, Fashion Boulevard, Celebration Square, four hotels, the Financial Centre and the Ramblas district
(inspired by the famous street in Barcelona). On any given day, you’ll find this place bustlingwith shoppers and office-goers in one of the many cafés, clubs and restaurants.


These two districts will house our own certified Special Economic Zone spanning 37 lakh sq ft. On offer are a range of business-ready offices and infrastructure that can support the largest corporations. Nikoo Home owners can reach here in a matter of minutes. Faster, if they cycle to this place. And we are still only 30 minutes from the airport.


In the 125-acre city, this is the place you will proudly call home. This is where you’ll meet and greet neighbours, go out for a leisurely evening walk and find yourself surrounded by fresh air and great company


A short walk from your Nikoo Home, are facilities that you won’t find outside the gates of Bhartiya City. A purpose-built hospital of international standards as well as a school that completely reimagines the way schools and curriculums are conceived.


This district promises great views across the water from the tall residential towers in it. Also close by
are community parks, play areas and a tree-lined pedestrian link that make it the perfect place for the city’s upcoming Resort Residences

Builders Profile

Unlike most people in realty, Bhartiya comes from a background
of design. We started in 1987 designing apparel. Soon, designs
from our studios in Milan were being adapted by brands like
Levi’s, Armani, Zara and Trussardi. During the course of our
evolution, we struck upon a simple truth: good design makes
people happy. Be it a well cut, flattering jacket or a thoughtfully
built house. To go from one to the other was to take us two
decades. During these years, our founder travelled extensively
to the finest cities in the world. The contrast between what he
saw in Munich, Florence, London, and what he came back
home to was tremendous. Even the common man there could
afford a good home. Cycling to work was not life-threatening.If
such a life was possible in Amsterdam and Barcelona and Milan,
why not here? For our founder, this was not a rhetorical question.
His answer was to build a whole city, to design a way of life.
That vision is Bhartiya City and it’s being built by architects
and urban planners of international repute. They include Perkins
Eastman-New York, Cox-Sydney and BDP KhandekarAmsterdam for master planning; Broadway Malayan-from UK
and WOW from Singapore for residential, retail and hotel;
Edifice-Mumbai for the IT Park, amongst many others. Bhartiya
International Ltd, the flagship company of the group, is listed on
BSE and NSE. It is the country’s leader in the leather fashion
industry and winner of many awards for excellence. Bhartiya
City is no exception. In 2013, Bhartiya was the first Indian
developer to win the MIPIM Asia Award in its Best Futura Mega
Project category (Asia-Pacific Region). Considered among the
most prestigious international recognitions, the MIPIM Asia
Awards recognize the industry’s best and brightest, rewarding
innovation and achievement in a variety of fields.

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